IRO The curve line shows the details regarding the consumption of fish and other kinds of meat per person per week in a European country during 25 years since 1979. Over the span of 25 years. the consumption for chicken PUN , beef PUN , and fish shows a different trend EXC.
In1979, beef CUThas VTEbecome the largest meat WFOconsumption PUN , CUTwhhich POWoccupys PREabout SPL22o grams per person per week , SPLappromately 150 SPLgramps in lamb PUN , 140 SPLgramps PREin chicken and 60 SPLgramps PREin fish.
A WFOdramatical EXCdecline in beef consumption can be seen PUN , PROwhich falling SPLswifyly from 220 SPLgramps to 100 SPLgramps , between 1979 and 2004. TRABy contrast PUN the consumption PRE for chicken shows an SPLoppsite trend PUN . CAPit VTEexperiences a EXCsignificant increase PUN , rising from 140 SPLgramps in 1974 to 250 SPLgramps in 2004.
TRA Similarly, the consumption PREfor lamb and beef shares a similar SPL flucutuation. CONand CAPthe consumption PREfor lamb falls sharply form 150 SPLgramps in 1979 to 60 gramps in 2004. Surprisely, the consumption PREfor fish VTEremains SPLcostant at 50 SPLgramps over the period of 25 years form 1974.
CNCIn conclusion , as is shown in the curve line, chicken has become one of the most vital meat in our table PUN , which has SPLsubstitued MIS other COUmeats such as beef PUN , lamb and fish.