1IROIndeed, life is easier and more 2MIScomfortable 3POWthat 4PREthe past when my grandparents were children 5CUTin contemporary society. No matter what external or internal conditions. 6CONAnd 7CAPthis 8SPLeassy will explore the reasons why life today is eassier and more comfortable 9PREthan the past.

10TRAFirst of all, 11FORcomparing transportation in the past, which is developed a lot today. 12PRGAbout seven decades ago, when my grandparents were children, even bicycles 13VTEwas a great luxury, let alone 14CUTthat they could 15VTEhave a car like today's families. 16TRAAfter all, by the time of the political and economic influence,17FOR these vehicles had less production. 18EXCFor this reason, if 19POWthey expected to go to a place 20POWwhere was a little far away from home, they had to walk 21POWeven a few hours. 22TRAHowever, 23PROwe 24VTEgo to a slightly distant 25MISplace may only take a few 26SPLmintues by 27SPLbikesw, buses or cars.

28TRASecondly, with the continuous development of modern science and technology, 29ARGmedical equipment is also improved. Most people in the past who got diseases, which were not easy to treat, such as heart disease, 30PUNdiabetes mellitus, 31MISand 32CUTother 33MIScancers. 34TRANevertheless, those diseases can be controlled effectively 35PREby today's medical equipments. 36TRATherefore, that is one of the reasons why today's people are more healthy than in the past. 37CONAnd 38CAPwe can live more easier and comfortable now.

39COHThirdly, good education is the basis of making 40ARTthe present life more easier and comfortable. At least in41CUT term of reality, 42ARTa good education will improve people's overall quality, so that people can find 43ARTa relatively stable 44PLUjob with a substantial income. 45EXCConsequently, people are able to buy anything they want now 46POWthan people had less choices and 47POWfew salary to afford the things they wanted in the past.48EXC Incidentally, good education also enhances the sociability of 49POWus50PUN, 51CONand 52CAPwe can communicate better with others, which 53VTEbring a great deal of convenience.

54CNCIn brief, from where I stand, life today is easier and comfortable than it was when my grandparents were children. In addition, with the progress of55ART the 56PLUtimes, a growing 57POWamount of things will change and bring more benefits.


James James




An essay at this level is marked by one or more of the following:
• addresses the topic and task using somewhat developed explanations, exemplifications, and/or details
• displays unity, progression, and coherence, though connection of ideas may be occasionally obscured
• may demonstrate inconsistent facility in sentence formation and word choice that may result in lack of clarity and occasionally obscure meaning
• may display accurate but limited range of syntactic structures and vocabulary


Welcome to SmartPigai!

You have tried to make an elaborate response to the topic.

You have developed a good introduction and with it a good thesis statement. However, you ought to make the thesis statement more advanced than this to suit the caliber of the topic.

In the main body, you have presented good and relevant views. The topic sentences have been well developed, explained and supported with ample examples. This is the standard way of presenting main body paragraphs of this kind of topic.

Your conclusion has been well founded.

Try to rectify the grammar mistakes in your essay. Here are some tips you may find useful:

- Avoid formation errors like "comparing transportation in the past, which is developed a lot today" because they make the understanding of ideas difficult.
- Never start a sentence with "and" in a formal essay.
- Avoid unnecessary words because they make the essay verbose.
- Review the use of prepositions and mind the diction too.
- Be mindful of the use of articles. To write a better essay, you need to first rectify the grammar errors therein.

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